The Treatment of Jailed Women Shows the Abuse of Human Rights in Iran

Two women among hundreds of political prisoner are incarcerated on women’s ward of Evin Prison of Tehran in Iran.  They have received 5 year sentences and maintain contact with the outside through their devoted husbands.

The human rights campaigner and the veteran defense lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh had been arrested on 13th June. She began a hunger strike on 25th August. However, the authorities haven’t charged Sotoudeh formally but as per her husband, Reza Khandan, the graphic artist, she has been told that she is actually guilty of 8 charges that include urging the referendum which insults the supreme leader collusion against espionage and national security.

Nazanin Zagari-Ratcliffe is an administrator who had been born in Iran with the Thomson Reuters charitable foundation.  Amnesty International says that she had collapsed from the panic attack just this Wednesday. She then went back to prison on 26th August after she enjoyed the first 3 days of freedom in 2 ½ years.


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