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Transitional Military Council Shuts Down Internet Access In Sudan

Atrocities don’t seem to end against civilians in Sudan.  A recent development is that people of Sudan have been barred from using the Internet.

Apparently, the country has been without the Internet for three weeks now.

Activists say this blackout is already aiding the ruling military council. It is helping them cover to their tracks and put a cap on the lid.

The general public has been finding ways to voice their need for a civil government.

After the general massacre of activists recently, they had taken to social media channels to express their plight, which has been systematically silenced.

The nation is still trying to find its foothold into a stable government, after the April coup which led to the three-decade-long regime of President Omar al-Bashir to fall apart.

He could not garner public support anymore, while a Transitional Military Council set up after al-Bashir’s removal vows to run the country for a couple of years.

The general public isn’t happy, and protests have been returned by sexual violence against women and others.

Claire Parker from the Washington Post reports how there is a thought out deliberation in “cutting off of the Internet”.

It is fast becoming “a global trend of authoritarian governments” as a simple way to “create unrest — a move that can bring to bear significant political and economic consequences”.

This incident brings to memory instances in the past where the Arab Spring uprisings nearly a decade ago were temporarily silenced with the Internet blocked and harsh punishments were carried out on demonstrators. But this did little to stop the cries for reform.

The same will eventually be seen in Sudan- it is a time of reform and nothing works better than a public outcry. It’s a force
you can avoid, but cannot stop.

By U.J.M

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