Top Commander of US in Europe Wants To Have More Resources and Forces

The senior general of US in Europe said that he wants to take up more troops along with other resources like spy planes for maintaining the superiority of military of US. This is because they want to deter Russia as Moscow is moving ahead with the modernization and advanced of the military force of them. According to some of the recent resources which are focused on the counter terrorism may need to have redirections from the authorities. This was declared after a meeting was held with all the defense chiefs from across all the places of Europe.

Head of US European command and supreme allied commander of NATO commented that Deterrence of Russia is one of the main aim of the getting more resources like spy planes and troops and this is the only one central work of them to be handled carefully. By looking at the force structure in each of the domains that they have must need some additions to those domains which they already have. The military of US have had enough of the early warning and control aircraft in Europe and it is also thought of that additional intelligence, reconnaissance planes and surveillance are also necessary for them. The resources which they have are not enough and they need more for the purpose.

Talks have already been done with the military leaders of other locations about the need of better coordination for the efforts of their counter terrorism and also to free up resources so that they can respond to the challenges posed by Russia and china which are growing. According to the US military they have enough resources with them which is only targeting at the counter terrorism and some of the resources that they have to shift for the same purpose.


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