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It’s time for the safe zone in Idlib: Syrian defense group

In a statement issued on June 13 by the US, Syria is the president of the US advocacy group Syrian American Council to resolve the ongoing conflict in the province of Idlib, he said.

Am Regarding the US response, President Donald Donald Trump has repeatedly sought safe zones in Syria, Bass Bassam Rifai said. Bashar al-Assad regime in Idlib.

The Syrian American Council focuses on democracy in Syria and Washington D.C.Operation Idlib, half displaced, fleeing other parts of the war-torn country, threatens the lives of 3 million people.”If there was a time to implement such policies, the time and place are now in Idlib.”Turkey and Russia, in September last year that explicitly prohibited acts of aggression Idlib agreed to translate into a reduction zone.

However, the Syrian regime and its allies are consistently violating the ceasefire conditions that have led to frequent attacks in the firing zone.

Rifai, along with Mariam Jalabi, the UN representative to the Syrian National Coalition, said the United States should do more to help prevent civilian casualties in the province.

Jalabi, the country’s political solution has been addressed many times, but continued to be used for military ways, he said.”This militarized solution is a way for foreign policy and international communities to recognize Syria as a legitimate way to solve problems,” Jalabi said. Said.

The UN representative said all sides could come together and talk about a solution without “fighting the US finger on any front”.Syria ‘bought and sold’ Rifai said that the only way Assad could survive the eight-year conflict was to deal with other forces that provided them with
financial leverage.

He said that Syria has been bought and sold so that Assad can continue to survive.

Iran lent Assad billions of dollars, and then according to Jalebi, became a monopoly on the concrete industry for working on the country’s reconstruction projects. Meanwhile, Russia hired Tartus, Syria’s largest port for the next 49 years.No Turkey, no Syria opposition of the tensions in Syria has been the PYD / YPG forces, a branch of the PKK terrorist organization. TSF support of the US in Syria, in Turkey in February after the withdrawal of American troops from the US despite increasing security concerns, to expand the operations draws the PYD / YPG said the place would.

However, Jalabi said the YPG resulted in another “fate that the Syrian people must suffer.” Syrian National Coalition advocates that efforts to unite Syria and the threat of terrorist groups, brought to Turkey, he said Syrians affected.

In over 30 years of terror campaign against Turkey, Turkey, the United States and listed the PKK as a terrorist organization by the EU, including women and children, he was responsible for the deaths of nearly 40,000 people.

The PYD / YPG is also a Syrian branch that operates under the SDF label.

Turkey, YPG in order to defeat the terrorist organization Daesan / PKK cooperating with the United States has long been criticized. Turkish officials argue that using one terrorist organization to fight against another makes no sense.

Jalab “We are counting on Turkey to protect our civilian,” he said.”[Syrian] opposition currently is in Turkey, and Turkey is currently no basis for us right now because we do not have to get too much support from the international community.” Said.

On the other hand, Turkey on June 13, claiming that Russian jets hit targets in Syria’s northwest Idlib at the request of the Ankara denies media reports.

In Turkey, a statement from the Ministry of Defense, this kind of report “does not reflect reality,” it said.

Earlier, some media outlets, Russian air attacks on Ankara’s demand for attacking Turkey’s observation point “terrorists” with that target.

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