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Time to act against Iran and its militias

Iran is continuing its terrorist activities and conducting it through the sea, the sky and the land against the targets in the Gulf countries. Two days ago, the Saudi oil tanker was attacked on the shores of the UAE. On Tuesday, armed aircraft attacked oil pipelines in Saudi Arabia.

Tehran is showing its true face by undermining stability in the region. He says he can use the terrorist militants in the area to implement his frightening designs. The two incidents sent a message to the world that Iran was destroying regional security and stability. Iran undermined regional security and became a threat to international security.

The drone attack on oil pipelines and the sabotage of four vessels, including the two Saudi tankers, are aimed at threatening global oil supply. This should force the international community to stand up to these terrorist attacks and make common efforts to condemn and punish the perpetrators of these acts. Now it is time for real, concrete and serious actions against Iran and its militias.

These attacks proved to be important to face with 100 percent Iran-backed terrorist assets, including the Houthis in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is facing one of the worst forms of terrorism in regions such as ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Southerners, and militias in Iraq and Syria – most of them align with Tehran.

Most of these organizations are a product of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard League (IRGC). They were classified as terrorist beings by key members of the international community and world organizations.

But is it sufficient to list them only as terrorist organizations? Isn’t it in the international community responsible for preventing them from sabotaging international interests and the global economy? It is time to end this regime in Tehran, which finances, recruits, trains, and hosts all the terrorists in the region.

Why does the world remain silent and surrender to Iran’s blackmail? If there is no real deterrence against this regime, the whole region will be in chaos. Terror will be everywhere. Prevention of nuclear proliferation will become extremely difficult. No one is calling for war, but there is a serious need for real actions to dismantle Iran-backed militias in the region and force Tehran to change its malicious behavior.

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