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Gérard Vespierre

Think Tanks Worldwide Speak Up About Qatar Terror Funding

In just one more instance, another researcher has thrown light over Qatar’s sly game of portraying to be a social country that is interested in world economic growth, while it continues to guise its terror funding activities with great ease.

The media is constantly talking about many instances where this has been evident. However, the world is not throwing a fit over this. In fact, America continues to be oblivious of the terror funding activities and has shifted its focus to Iran. Neighboring Arab states to Qatar have expressed their dissatisfaction and don’t want anything to do with Doha due to many of these instances having gathered factual muscle.  These include the UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia.

Gérard Vespierre is a research associate at the Middle East Studies Foundation (FEMO), president of Strategic Conseils, has published a detailed paper on how Qatar, “less visible are the oil-rich country’s actions in the financing of politico-religious action.”

For starters, the emirate of Qatar has remained associated with the organization of the 2022 Football World Cup but there has been world criticism over human rights violation vis-a-vis the organizing of the sports event. Emir of Qatar is known to be backing as the owner of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) through his fund, Qatar Investment Sports. Strangely, President of PSG, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, also president of Bein Sport, was very surprised when he was indicted for active corruption, in the awarding of the World Athletics Championships in 2017.

Vespierre throws light on the fact that Qatar has been systematically making investments into Britain and Europe directly and indirectly in Islamic organizations. It, therefore, has found ways to get access to sensitive information from these regions and create an information outlet mechanism which could prove helpful in the future.

Qatar was ranked in 2018 by the IMF on 7th richest country in the world in terms of its per capita GDP and it has pumped its money into supporting world’s biggest terrorist organization, in extremely sly ways. Gulf countries have complained that Qatar doesn’t adequately enforce U.N. sanctions and allows for terrorism financing, contributing to a bitter regional rift.

Vespeirre referred to a public declaration that the French President Emmanuel Macron made recently, where he declared that “there are two major organizations of which everything is emerging.  These enemies are mobile and inventive. They are forever changing tactics, forever changing their operational theatres, they are using all current technologies, they are present on the Internet, they are manipulating our public opinion, infiltrating the heart of our societies, replicating themselves within our societies through what we now call more home-grown terrorism, and they are using every current form of funding and transformation.”

Al Qaida and Daesh are the two groups that are being supported by Qatar and there is huge evidence surfacing through media and independent media investigations. Vespeirre has suggested that “it is time for a stricter control to be put in place, at national and European level. It is necessary that the recent announcements of President Macron be followed by concrete actions.”

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