Things That One Needs to Know about Qatar’s Cyber Espionage Campaign in the United States

Based on some legal documents and technical reports from former CIA operatives, it has been found that Qatar not only hacked the accounts of over 1200 Americans, it also hacked the accounts of Arab leaders, European counterterrorism officials, Bollywood actresses, and international football players.

It is one of the biggest hacking in history that has been carried out by Qatar, which got exposed. The hacking which expanded over to four continents North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe started in 2014 and carried out for four years. Even it enroached the private lives of over 1000 of Qatar’s recognized enemies.

A Republican businessman and fundraiser Elliott Broidy have filed a legal case against the State of Qatar and many entities, for plotting a cyber attack against them and also others. In fact, they have come with many proofs about the hack.

A former US ambassador and lawyer Lee Wolosky of Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, who used to hold a special position in the national security for the last three US presidents stated that Mr. Broidy performed services for the Homeland Security Advisory Council from 2006 to 2009, especially for the Future Of Terrorism Task Force.

The report disclosed by the task force pointed out the crucial facets which define the future of terrorism as the leadership of the terrorist groups, political reform in Islamic countries, US counterterrorism efforts, and the available safe shelters in the region. From the report, it could be said that it was aimed at the countries that were providing a safe passage to the terrorist organization, among which the State of Qatar plays a prominent role.

From the evidences, gathered helped to expose that the State of Qatar having a connection with cyber espionage campaign. The espionage campaign targeted the email accounts of the US citizens as well as of the political opponents from all over the world.


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