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Geir Pedersen
Geir Pedersen

The UN Special envoy arrives in Syria amid the severe clashes in the north

The U.N’s special envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen said on Tuesday that he is anticipating constructive talks with the Syrian officials on the upcoming formation of the constitutional committee to open a new path for future extensive political prospects.

Geir Pedersen talked with journalists in the Syrian capital Damascus soon after his arrival from Beirut. Today he will have a meeting with the Syrian government officials.

He told International media that he would be looking forward to having a constructive dialogue on what will be the best way to push the political process ahead. Pedersen added that he would likewise examine and find a solution to end the battle in northwestern Idlib province.

Syria is stuck in a devastating war setting President Bashar Assad’s powers against rebels looking to overthrow him. Battle has raged in and around Idlib as the government troops supported by Russia tried to make proposals on the ground against insurgents who control the territory.

Pedersen’s landing additionally coincided with the new rebels in the mountains of the Latakia province, with activists who were saying that the insurgents overran a series of Syrian armed forces positions.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, The battle is in progress in several areas in the Turkman Mountains. The fighting has killed around 35 people on both sides at the start of the fight. There was no prompt confirmation or comment by government officials.

Pedersen held meeting with Russian authorities in Moscow on Friday, where he urged Russia to help settle the brutality and violence in Idlib and draft the nation’s new constitution. After the meeting, he said: “we presently appear to be nearing the closer to establish a constitutional committee.”

The U.N. trusts and hopes that making a constitutional committee would be the initial step forward towards a new constitution and new decisions.

The Syrian officials have said that they won’t acknowledge outside interference with regards to Syria’s constitution and they have also proposed Assad may even run for re-elections.

After many years of efforts now they have a 150-member constitutional committee that had been hounded by complaints from the Syrian government over the 50-member list, represented by tribal leaders, experts, independents, and women. There is already a prior agreement on the 50 member list from the opposition and the government too.

Pedersen has been assigned to Syria for confidence-building measures between the opposition and the government, for example, helping in prisoners releases.

By Grace Young

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