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The "royal" student life of Qatari Prince Al Thani in LA

The “royal” student life of Qatari Prince Al Thani in LA

Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, son of Emir of Qatar, went to Los Angeles in 2011 to pursue higher education. In LA, the 28-year-old prince received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California (USC). Living an opulent life in Los Angeles, Al Thani enjoyed his college days with other celebrities at the USC.

According to media reports, he arrived in Los Angeles in 2011 in a private jet with his own team of servants which included cooks, caretakers, security guards, and trainers among others. He further placed himself at the Beverly Wilshire hotel after which his exuberant life surrounded by exotic sports cars and luxurious suites began in LA.

His Instagram account, with over a million followers, boasts of pictures of him jet-skiing, skydiving, driving priceless cars, and playing with baby tigers while flaunting his custom trucker hats engraved with his initials “KHK” on various occasions. While some social media posts showed him engaging in leisure activities, there are a few pictures showing him participating in military exercises during the course of his graduate program.

Before transferring to USC for his bachelor’s degree, Al Thani, the son and later brother of Qatar’s Emir, studied at LA Mission College in Beverley Hills. His college years mostly included him strolling around the town along with his friends and cousins from back home and hanging around with the likes of Scott Disick of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”.

However, his exuberant life in LA came to an abrupt halt in the wake of the college admissions scandal. While it did not involve Al Thani or the royal family, the prince decided to reconsider his education due to the unfavourable situation.

According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, the prince received special privileges at the USC and he was allowed to skip undergraduate classes on “security reasons”. During his master’s degree, he took several vacations in Europe and reportedly never attended any class at the institution.
Notedly, Al Thani returned to the Middle East after completing his graduation from the University of Southern California.

In Qatar, he became an officer with the country’s internal security service. He was reportedly given a “special dispensation” from the USC to pursue a master’s degree remotely. In 2015, he returned to Doha with a bachelor’s degree, following which pursued master’s remotely.

Significantly, media reports state that Al Thani did not express keenness in attending classes during his college days. People who worked with Khalifa Al Thani in LA stated that he spent much of his day in his hotel suite, playing video games with his group of friends and cousins and exercising with his trainer. While the prince and his friends stayed in the suites at Beverly Wilshire, his butlers, chauffeurs and security guards lived in the $600-a-night hotel rooms and dined in the hotel restaurants.

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