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The refugees, the renewed pressure card
The suffering of the thousands who headed towards the Turkish borders continues

The refugees, the renewed pressure card

The issue of refugees flowing towards the Turkish-Greek border is still pending between Ankara and a number of European Union countries, who renewed its position rejecting Turkey’s use of this humanitarian file as a pressure card in order to obtain political gains. Meanwhile, in the past few days, Ankara has repeated its intimidation with that.

Between this and that, the suffering of the thousands who headed towards the Turkish borders continues, hoping for a better life in Europe, which in turn has blocked the doors.

In a continuation of the polarization surrounding this file, A correspondent reported on Saturday that Greece has returned to Turkey 2,876 refugees during the past 24 hours, amid repeated accusations that Ankara has carried out a “coordinated flow” of thousands of refugees on its soil.

While reports of renewed confrontations between the Greek border guards and Turkish forces in the region, without additional information.

However, some video scenes showed shooting between the two parties.

For his part, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced Friday evening that the agreement between the European Union and Turkey that led since 2016 to reduce immigration to Europe is “dead”, accusing Ankara of “helping” in the continuous flow of thousands of migrants at the border.

Mitsotakis told CNN that the agreement is dead because Turkey decided to completely violate the agreement because of what happened in Syria.
He also considered that Turkey is doing the opposite of what it has committed to in terms of keeping its asylum seekers, noting that Ankara has systematically, both on land and sea, to help people in their efforts to cross the border to Greece.

It is noteworthy that new clashes broke out briefly on the Greek-Turkish border on Friday between the Greek police, who fired tear gas canisters and the migrants who threw stones at them, at a time when the European Union warned refugees that its doors are closed.

Yesterday, the European Union reiterated its position rejecting Turkey’s use of the refugee card to blackmail European countries and achieving political purposes, in reference to the recent positions of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during which he waved a sea of refugees towards Europe, in an effort to reap more European support for his country.

In a joint statement issued after a meeting in the Ukrainian capital, Zagreb, the foreign ministers of the countries of the Union said that Turkey’s decision to open its borders with Greece for migrants, ignoring its agreement with the bloc in 2016 regarding immigrants, is unacceptable and that any political pressure of this kind will be rejected.

They also stressed that the European Union reiterates its deep concern about the situation on the Greek-Turkish border, and strongly rejects Turkey’s use of migrants as a means of pressure for political ends. “

In addition, they added that “the situation on the external borders of the European Union is unacceptable,” and continued, saying in phrases directed to Ankara, “Migrants should not be encouraged to try to cross illegally, by land or by sea.”

It is noteworthy that after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on February 28 the opening of the border with Greece, thousands of immigrants approached it with a reminder of what happened during the immigration crisis in the European continent in 2015.

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