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The Qatar scandal: officials findings show involvement of Qatar's Envoy to the Republic of Nepal
Late data by different human rights associations uncovered Qatar's recruitment scandal.

The Qatar scandal: officials findings show involvement of Qatar’s Envoy to the Republic of Nepal

Late data by different human rights associations uncovered Qatar’s recruitment scandal. The country, 90 percent of its occupant populace are migrant workers, has been plundering and exploiting numerous honest workers by enticing them with fake promises of better-paying careers. These investigations also brought about FIFA to concede the breach of workers’ principles on the ongoing World Cup projects in Qatar.

It demonstrated how the authorities at the Nepalese embassy worked combinedly with Qatari officials and especially with the help of His Excellency Yousif Bin Mohamed Al-Hail, the State of Qatar’s Ambassador to the Republic of Nepal in the recruitment scandal.

The Nepalese nationals were enticed to work abroad (Qatar) through a business organization called Sky Overseas Services. The State of Qatar diplomat, Sheikh Yousif Bin Mohamed Al-Hail, deceived the Nepalese migrant workers as he offered every professional applying through the work office, the monthly salary of 400 USD.

But eventually, the office of Sky Overseas Services, which is situated in Kathmandu (the capital city of Nepal), shockingly observed that the workers were getting paid just 100 USD a month.

The Nepalese recruitment office promised to employ 600 Nepalese nationals and each with a pay of 1500 USD every month. Whereas Qatar has recently expressed that they don’t charge recruitment fees; however, the Qatar-based security company showed that every candidate selected in the organization was required to pay 9000 USD to start his work. It infers that the 600 workers altogether paid more than 5 million USD to the Qatari Ambassador as a recruitment fee to join their employments. According to Nepal’s labor law, a migrant going to Qatar for work should have been given free visas and travel expenses. Even a Nelapi delegation went to Qatar for talks over the proposed plans. In any case, after all the discussions, no one heard back from the Qatari administration.

“During the discourses, the Qatari authorities raised a few concerns. Nepal government was required to answer them back, which was done promptly,” said the official, who had vital data over the issue, however, liked to remain unknown, disclosed to the Kathmandu Post.

“The Ministry had sent their reaction, however from that point forward; we never heard back from them.” according to the sources, Qatar got back yet just with a Qatar Visa Center in Nepal. Nepal’s Labor Ministry raised worries about the working and living states of its migrant employees.

However, no adhering to the raised by the Labor Ministry, Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave orders for enabling to open in Kathmandu, which didn’t solve the matter.”The Labor Ministry had its state in the institution of any such focus in Nepal,” said the authority.

“Presently, it appears, they were progressively worried about opening their inside in Nepal.”

Many accept that if the proposed updates to the respective bilateral agreement were executed with genuine expectation. It would have saved Nepalese workers from getting exploited from over the top enlistment expenses yet additionally secured them against different types of misuse, including constrained work, lousy working conditions, unpaid and deferred wages, and poor service. According to a report distributed in the Telegraph, most of Nepali exiles, obtained a gigantic measure of cash to verify his new position abroad a 200,000 Nepali Rupee (£1,350) credit at 18 percent enthusiasm from a smaller scale account organization, likening to the more significant part the average yearly pay in Nepal.

Qatar has consistently depended on recruiting more workers from South Asian countries to fill the vacant unskilled employment positions. They required more workforces in the course of recent years to manufacture the necessary foundation to host the upcoming Football World Cup. Qatar attempted to cover the hard work and blood of its migrant employees who dedicated to building their planned arenas.

Development started and thus did the exploitation too. A few protests were recorded about how the Nepalis migrant workforce got diminished to reinforced slaves as they were taboo from leaving the nation or changing their activity without the consent of their managers. Furthermore, some persevered through more regrettable, including enduring detainment, physical abuse, and being compelled to work in hazardous conditions, frequently in heat and lack of drinking water.

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