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The descendants of Libya's hero Omar Mukhtar will end Turkey's colonial plan

The descendants of Libya’s hero Omar Mukhtar will end Turkey’s colonial plan

The descendants of Libya’s anti-colonial hero “Lion of the Desert” Omar Mukhtar will defeat the Syrian mercenaries sent by Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is trying to occupy the North African country. Libyan people say on social media asTurkish president on Tuesday reiterated Ankara’s support for Libya’s UN-recognised government in fight against the Libyan National Army (LNA) of Khalifa Haftar.

“We foiled Haftar’s invasion plan in Libya,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a press conference following a roughly visit in Doha.”We will stand next to our Libyan brothers, not the putschists, not the imperialists,” Erdogan said, referring to Haftar and his supporters.Erdogan also added that Turkey will share its knowledge and experience in all needed areas with Libya’s people, using its experience gained during the colonial period, which ended in 1918.

In one of his manic speeches, Erdogan said the Turkish are in Libya to establish eternal stability and defense of their ancestral homeland. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to rewrite history to suit his expansionist visions of reviving the Ottoman Empire, with naturally himself as the supreme sultan.While many may laugh and shrug off Erdogan’s illusions of grandeur, the Ankara strongman is taking his role very seriously.

Erdogan, after intervening militarily in Syria, has been itching to send Turkish troops to fulfil his ideology-driven vision of control of the region and boost his stature at home.He is saying he believes there are Libyan-Turks or Libyans of Ottoman descent who deserve to be protected by Ankara. “It is our duty to protect our kin in Libya,” Erdogan declared January 14, adding that Turkey had “deep historical and social ties with Libya.”

Such statements claiming a mandate to protect Libyans of Turkish ancestry have fuelled the wariness of Libyans towards him and Turkey. It also added a new dimension to the dangerously growing polarisation in the war-torn North African country with many Libyans blaming the Turkey-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) camp for failing to reject Erdogan’s claims. On Sunday, thousands of Libyans took the street in Benghazi, in the eastern region to reject Erdogan’s incredibly arrogant and expansionist mindset and his aggression against their country.

Erdogan’s attempt to establish a protectorate over “Ottoman ancestors” in Libya is a dangerous and flammable move reminiscent of actions by colonial powers using protections of nationals to invade other countries.The “threat of Ottoman colonisation,” as described by the enemies of Turkey in Libya, is further exacerbated by reports of jihadists and soldiers of fortune making their way from Syria to the shores of Western Libya.

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