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The Tehran Prayer Leader Says “God Tests” Iran With Sanctions And Says You “A Blessing”

God is testing the Iranian people with international pressure, said Tehran’s provisional Friday Imam, a congregation in the capital, who told the community and added, Why are you afraid of the increase and increase of sanctions?

Ayatollah Kazem SEDDIQI (Seddighi), a moderate cleric, rejected Iranian people because they feared US sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic.

“Why are you worried about sanctions and expansions? Don’t you have a God? Isn’t your daily bread provided through divine storage? Don’t we read the Qur’an?”

Comparing the international pressures with the birth of children, Seddiki said on Friday (April 19th) that pregnancy labor is painful, but the result is a new birth.

His comments were widely derived from social media.

“If it comes to pregnancy labor, I have almost no doubt that Mr. Seddiqi, who will suffer, will have people,” Mohsen Bayat Zanjani said.

In another chapter of his sermon, Seddiki described the last deadly floods in Iran as a commendable, divine blessing.

The seller has left almost eighty dead until now, and in 25 of 31 provinces, it has suffered losses of up to 4000 trillion (about $ 9 billion).

Moreover, the temporary Friday Prayers, the Imam, described the West as la miserable arı, and branded it as “France and the United States to combat miserable and hardship’.

Washington’s withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA) or the re-implementation of Tehran’s nuclear agreements and sanctions with world powers is evaluating the currency as well as numerous sectors throughout the country.

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