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Taliban Withdraws Protection for Red Cross Staff in Afghanistan

On 15th August, Taliban announced that it was pulling out its security guarantee for the staffs of International Red Cross working in Afghanistan. The militants accused that the organization failed to help the Taliban prisoners who were locked in the Pul-e Charkhi jail in Kabul.  It accused that the humanitarian agency ignored the Taliban prisoners who were on a hunger strike in the Kabul prison.

The Taliban stated that the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was unsuccessful to put coercion on the prison officials over giving proper medical care to the Taliban prisoners who are on hunger strike. Basically, the ICRC is responsible to monitor the detention condition and medical assistance. However, their presence got diminished since seven of their staff members were killed.

Hence, a spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan stated that it would be reversing their security assurance given to the Red Cross for their actions. it further added that they don’t assure to protect the lives and property of the International Red Cross, till the ICRC reaches out for an accord with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and commit to rectify their activities.

A spokesperson of ICRC stated that the staff of Red Cross visited the Pul-e-Charkhi prison on 13th August in order to make inquiries of the medical services being given to the prisoners who are on strike. The members supplied intravenous solutions to the jail authorities.

The Red Cross tries to treats all parties affected by war in the same manner and don’t take any sides. Hence, it would not ask the jail authorities to accept the demands of the prisoners and neither would it ask the prisoners to end their strike. In a statement, the spokesperson of ICRC stated that they have got in touch with the Taliban and want to come to a solution.

Sanela Bajrambasic stated that the Red Cross relies on parties who would allow them to work safely and also help the victims affected from the conflict.

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