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Taliban Scraps Peace Meet with the U.S.
Taliban Scraps Peace Meet with the U.S.

Taliban Scraps Peace Meet with the U.S.

The Taliban has cancelled the peace talks with the United States delegates that were to held in Qatar this week.
The Taliban have said that the talks were called off because of the agenda discriminations for the meeting. As per the sources, the Saudi insistence for involving the Afghan Government in the meeting is one of the reasons for this cancellation. A Taliban source said that both sides have not agreed on announcing a ceasefire in 2019 and agreed to not meet in Qatar.
Previously, the Taliban have said that the agenda of the meeting will cover prisoner exchange, lifting the ban on the Taliban leaders’ movement and a complete withdrawal of the US troops.
Taliban have insisted that they would liberate 3000 prisoners in exchange the US authorities should release 25000 prisoners.
According to the United States officials, the US government is not ready to talk exchange with the Taliban just yet. Instead, the US ambassador to Kabul, John Bass has stated that to settle the conflict, it is imperative for the Taliban to talk to the Afghan officials.
The State Department of the United Stated later announced that Zalmay Khalilzad, U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, will meet the senior officials of Afghanistan, China, India and Pakistan to start an intra-Afghan political settlement.
Despite the continuous urges of the regional country, the Taliban are not ready to talk with the Afghan officials. The Taliban have stated that the US is their only opponent. They do not want to involve the Afghan puppets in the peace talks.
After cancelling the meeting, the Taliban said that they want to achieve some major gains before announcing a cease-fire. They feel that Zalmay Khalilzad does not have enough power to make important decisions and that’s why they have scrapped the talks.
The United States invaded Afghanistan after the September 2001 attacks on New York. Since then the country has spent over $1 trillion on this war. This war is the longest overseas military interference of
the country.

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