Taliban Requests Afghans to Boycott Polls and Deny Peace Talks

On 8th October, the Taliban instructed Afghans to ban the forthcoming parliamentary elections and urged a complete removal of foreign forces. The Taliban claimed that it forms the only solution to bring an end to the 17-year-long battle. They made this statement amidst the increasing assaults in important provinces.
The declaration from the hardline Islamic militant group clashed with the visit of top US envoy Zalmay Khalizad. Zalmay has been given the duty to carry out peace talks with the Taliban.
Zalmay met President Ashraf Ghani in Kabul in order to review ways to carry out Afghan-led peace discussions with the Taliban. He even stated that peace is a holy thing and the US government along with the people is uniting with the Afghan government in order to deal with the matter.
Zalmay, an Afghan born former US ambassador to Afghanistan and Iraq, in September joined the US State Department team. He is due to visit Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia as he is looking forward to bring the Taliban to the negotiation table.
However, the Taliban have repeatedly rejected the offers for peace talks. Instead, it is demanding the expulsion of foreign forces, overthrowing the government, and reinstating their version of hardliner Islamic law.
A spokesperson of the Taliban stated that the United States area making the election as the excuse in order to regulate their presence and authority. He added that people are being given a false feeling that people have a free right to vote for the malignant purpose of reducing the animosity.
With less than two weeks to go for the elections, the Taliban and the Islamic state have increased the attacks all over the nation. On 8th October, Afghan forces killed more than 120 Taliban rebels during various operations, including air strikes. Over 30 Taliban fighters were wounded due to the air strikes in various provinces.
The battle underscores the struggle of the security forces as the rebels tries to expand their dominance and take hold of the city.


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