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Iran Might Receive Decade Long Arms Embargo


While the world is still recovering from the insecurities of functioning within the threat of Covid-19 lurking in the shadows, there is scare over a renewed threat of an arms race in the Middle East. Bringing the worry to the forefront is the United States and the Saudi governments that …

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US indicts Venezuelan lawmaker under narco-terrorism charges


According to federal prosecutors, Adel El Zabayar travelled to the Middle East to recruit fighters from Hamas and Hezbollah in order to form a terrorist cell to attack the USA. Prosecutors from the US Attorney’s Office in New York charged a 56-year-old Venezuelan lawmaker for participating in narco-terrorism activities. The …

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French Anti Terror Magistrate Pushes For Fair Trial At Home For French Origin Syrian Militants

David De Pas

The French anti-terror magistrate is keen that militants be sent back to their countries of origin and be given a fair trial, instead of being refused entry. A similar thought has been doing rounds in Malaysia when militants of Malaysian origins had expressed a desire to return back home, after …

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