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Israel-Palestine Conflict and the Arabs.


The politics of the Arab world will have a different face than in this century. In the past, the politics of the Arab world were based on religious alliances, which ruled out any agreement that was contrary to Islam. But over the last 40 years of the last century and …

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America Signs Enhanced Immunity Agreement With Morocco


Morocco is being supported by the US over immunity grants to its citizens. Signing off an agreement over a video teleconference, the agreement was signed by Moroccan foreign minister Naseer Bourita and the US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. According to the bilateral Enhanced Immunities Agreement, each party shall grant …

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America Moves Closer To Syrian Oil Reserves


The Syrian oil fields are on everyone’s radar. But the US has moved ahead with specific strategy in mind. According to confirmed reports shared by CNN, a secretive report has finally been signed by the Trump administration bringing in a private company to develop and modernize the oil fields in …

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Daesh attacks undermine peace process in Afghanistan


The self-proclaimed Islamic State (Isis) claimed the responsibility for the recent attack on a funeral procession in Jalalabad, in Afghanistan, which resulted in dozens of victims. Another strike targeted, on Tuesday, the maternity ward of a hospital in Kabul, killing 24 people and injuring 16. The international organization, Doctors Without …

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Internet Restored Shows Chaos In Iran

Violence and manhandling are being shown as proof of atrocities against demonstrators in Iran, as internet connectivity was restored after a weeklong blackout. The government-imposed shutdown had invited sanctioning of the concerned minister by the United States Treasury Department last week. New videos show how stone pelting is being responded …

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Turkey Has No Intentions Of Clearing Off Syria Unless Others Do- Erdogan


Turkish President Recap Tayyip Erdogan sounded politically correct when he said that Ankara’s intentions to remain in Syria are straight- “unless all other countries pull their support from Syria, we are not leaving.” His other reason for justification is that “we will not let up until every last terrorist leaves …

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Macron Trying to Play Peacemaker Between US and Iran, But so Far Both Nations are Adamant on Their Stance

Emmanuel Macron

The French President Emmanuel Macron mounted a strong attempt on Tuesday to mediate a meeting between President Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Since more than a month, Macron has been trying to persuade both the nations into negotiations, but both seem to be adamant on their stance. However, once …

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