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Germany confirms General Haftar agrees for ceasefire talks to end the decade-long crisis in Libya

Germany confirms General Haftar agrees for ceasefire talks to end decade-long crisis in Libya

On Thursday, Germany confirmed Libyan warlord General Khalif Haftar’s, who has been leading Libyan National Army (LNA), readiness to hold ceasefire talks to restore peace and de-escalate the almost decade-long crisis in the African country. German foreign minister Heiko Maas after holding talks in Benghazi, tweeted, “During my visit to …

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If Kurds don’t withdraw soon, Turkey will resume Syria operation, President Erdogan says


On Wednesday, Kurdish forces have not yet finished their withdrawal from Syria’s outskirts with Turkey, which means there could be another exercise to oust them, announced President Recep, Tayyip Erdogan. He added that the Syrian Democratic Forces had not pulled back 30 kilometers from the north-eastern Syrian fringe as concurred …

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Erdoğan gets a taste of his own medicine


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is getting a taste of his own medicine. His condemnation of United State’s role in Syrian Civil War has mirrored Turkey’s involvement in the Libyan Civil War. He had termed America’s role as interference and said that America has no right to ‘ an active …

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Sudan And Turkey Remain Thick Despite Regional Unrest


While Sudan’s civilian population is interested in a stable government to preside over a two-year transitional period, Turkey has been carefully moving in, to strengthen its bilateral relations with this oil-rich country. According to the Turkish Statistic Institute (TUIK), Turkey exported $360.8 million in goods and services to Sudan in …

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