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Turkish expansionism in the Mediterranean


From conflict with Greece to the historical dispute over Cyprus, passing through Ankara’s interventionism in the conflicts in Syria and Libya, Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s regime demonstrates its will to establish itself as a regional imperialist power in the Middle East and the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The “sultan” of Ankara is …

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Taliban reject truce in Ramadan


A spokesman for the line movement affirms that differences with the Afghan government continue about the peace process and that the delay in the exchange of prisoners is one of the reasons for thecontinued fighting between Afghan government and Taliban. The Taliban rejected the Afghan government’s call for a ceasefire …

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Turkey accuses Greece for abusing NATO intention


Turkey’s Foreign Ministry agent accused Greece on May 12 of attempting to corruption NATO’s mission for migrants on the Aegean Sea aimed at cartoon all-embracing organizations into the altercation on ascendancy rights in the region. The NATO Activity is getting agitated out to abutment the efforts to axis aberrant clearing …

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Russian missiles buy risky for Turkey

russian s-400 missiles

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken the case for buying the Russian S-400 missiles directly to his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump in the last ditch effort to a minimum of softening any sanctions, but there is a very high risk the U.S. measures could plunge Turkey into renewed economic …

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