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Russia extends support to Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, countries attacked by Israel

Bashar Assad

Russia has extended support to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, countries believed to have been attacked by Israel under cross-border agitation against Iran and its regional accomplices. Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, Russia’s special presidential delegate for the Middle East and Africa reached out to Iraq’s national security adviser Faleh al-Fayed …

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Iran will not surrender even if it is bombed

Hassan Rouhani

Iran will not surrender to US pressure, even if the country was bombed, Iranian President Hasan Rouhani warned of the rhetoric and hostility between Washington and Tehran. Rouhani said Thursday that the Pentagon confirmed that he wants to send additional American troops to the Middle East to respond to tensions. …

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Iran wicked games

Mike Pompeo

Despite the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo efforts to encourage Iran to behave like a normal country! Iran keeps the same positions and attitudes. Indeed, since the 5 + 1 agreement on the Iranian nuclear deal, Iran has continued to destabilize the Middle East, to develop ballistic tests and …

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Qatar’s friendship with Iran


Qatar’s support to the Muslim Brotherhood, and its proximity to Iran no longer a secret, Qatar openly supports Iran, it stood against us sanctions to the Iran oil exports and even increased flights to Iran despite US sanctions. The Qatari airline has launched two weekly flights to Isfahan (central Iran) …

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Turkey, Iraq intensified ties in the new era


In an increasingly volatile Middle East, any specific relationship depending on mutual attention as well as a good neighbourhood is effective and important for the regional actors. Turkey’s deepening relationships with its southern neighbour, Iraq, properly corresponds to this reality. However, the history of Turkish-Iraqi ties has had its good and bad, a current trend in bilateral relations portrays a two-way will to further enrich political conversation and cooperation in various fields. Turkey accepts Iraq as one of the key associates whose …

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Cash of UK Tax Fraud Was Used To Fund Al Qaeda Leader

Osama Bin Laden

Britain’s national security adviser is facing questions from MPs on Monday over assertion that cash from huge UK tax frauds was used to finance Osama bin Laden while he was in hiding after the 11 September terrorist attacks in some part of the US. British gangsters behind highly-arranged criminal activities …

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