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The Role of Foreign Countries in Terrorism in Somalia


Since the ouster of the Islamic Courts militants in Mogadishu, al-Shabaab terrorist power has emerged in Somalia. For more than 14 years, the biggest threat in Somalia has been Al Shabaab. This extremist group has had a significant impact on Somali governance, economy, believes and the general stability. Al Shabaab …

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Amidst the pandemic, displaced Yazidis return home


Hundreds of Yazidi families are returning to Sinjar, with life on the outside becoming untenable due to the pandemic. Six years since the Islamic State killed, captured and drove out Yazidis from their hometown of Sinjar, some families are making their return. But Sinjar, which suffered greatly in the occupation …

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Qatar spreads religious extremism in Australia


The Muslim brothers is a virus that proliferated everywhere in the world having good funding and support from countries such as Qatar, which host leaders of this violent and extremist movement and broods them, like el Qaradawi, who preach hatred and violence several terrorist attacks around the world have been …

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Iran wants to extend weapons of mass destruction


The Islamic Republic of Iran stated that the regional intelligence service of the state of Southern Bavaria was linked to the mass destruction weapons program in May 2019 intelligence report. In the hair removal section of the report reviewed by the JerusalemPost, it is stated that the Iranian regime un …

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US sanctions limit Iran’s ability to fund Hezbollah


In a report published in Washington on Saturday, the US’s latest wave of sanctions said Iran significantly blocked its ability to finance Hezbollah. The Lebanese terrorist group, together with its fighters and affiliates benefiting from the wages and social services paid by Tehran, has traditionally been the best-funded representative of …

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