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Iran wants to extend weapons of mass destruction


The Islamic Republic of Iran stated that the regional intelligence service of the state of Southern Bavaria was linked to the mass destruction weapons program in May 2019 intelligence report. In the hair removal section of the report reviewed by the JerusalemPost, it is stated that the Iranian regime un …

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Tensions Between Russia and Iran Grow in Syria


Russian military police reportedly raided last week in Syria against Iran-backed militias in Aleppo’s international airport, local media reported. Afterward, several Iranian militia leaders, seen as the last section of tensions between Iran and Russian forces in Syria, were arrested. Since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, …

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India ends oil imports from Iran


India ended all oil imports in Iran, the US ambassador to Washington said on Wednesday that it has become the last country to end the threatened US sanctions. Ambassador Harsh Vardhan Shringla said that India has sharply reduced imports from Iran and received a million tons of crude in April, …

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Iran will not surrender even if it is bombed

Hassan Rouhani

Iran will not surrender to US pressure, even if the country was bombed, Iranian President Hasan Rouhani warned of the rhetoric and hostility between Washington and Tehran. Rouhani said Thursday that the Pentagon confirmed that he wants to send additional American troops to the Middle East to respond to tensions. …

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Terrorists can provoke US-Iranian war: German FM


The German Foreign Minister said on Tuesday that terrorist groups could use the growing tension between the US and Iran as an opportunity to provoke a war between the two countries. Speaking at a panel discussion in Hamburg, Heiko Maas described the situation in the Middle East as “extremely dangerous” …

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Iran’s IRGC is Latakia in Syria?


Jorf News, a Syrian news site, reported that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran had begun a naval battle training course in Latakia in northern Syria. Latakia is the place where Russia’s Khomeini air base is located. A “source” told Jorf News that 100 men from Afghan Fatemiyoun attended …

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US sanctions limit Iran’s ability to fund Hezbollah


In a report published in Washington on Saturday, the US’s latest wave of sanctions said Iran significantly blocked its ability to finance Hezbollah. The Lebanese terrorist group, together with its fighters and affiliates benefiting from the wages and social services paid by Tehran, has traditionally been the best-funded representative of …

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Iran wicked games

Mike Pompeo

Despite the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo efforts to encourage Iran to behave like a normal country! Iran keeps the same positions and attitudes. Indeed, since the 5 + 1 agreement on the Iranian nuclear deal, Iran has continued to destabilize the Middle East, to develop ballistic tests and …

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Qatar’s friendship with Iran


Qatar’s support to the Muslim Brotherhood, and its proximity to Iran no longer a secret, Qatar openly supports Iran, it stood against us sanctions to the Iran oil exports and even increased flights to Iran despite US sanctions. The Qatari airline has launched two weekly flights to Isfahan (central Iran) …

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Iran’s Best Defense against Trump is Outside the Borders

President Donald Trump

Surrounded by the general of both sides, President Hassan Rouhani watched as the Iranian soldiers, Iranian troops carrying huge Iran martyrs ”portraits in Tehran, warplanes blowing up, and military trucks jumped over huge missiles. Nevertheless, Army Day, an annual demonstration of military strength and endurance against years of sanctions and …

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Time to act against Iran and its militias


Iran is continuing its terrorist activities and conducting it through the sea, the sky and the land against the targets in the Gulf countries. Two days ago, the Saudi oil tanker was attacked on the shores of the UAE. On Tuesday, armed aircraft attacked oil pipelines in Saudi Arabia. Tehran …

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