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Amidst the pandemic, displaced Yazidis return home


Hundreds of Yazidi families are returning to Sinjar, with life on the outside becoming untenable due to the pandemic. Six years since the Islamic State killed, captured and drove out Yazidis from their hometown of Sinjar, some families are making their return. But Sinjar, which suffered greatly in the occupation …

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Turkey Turns Tyrant As It Throttles Syria For Water


It is being confirmed that Turkey has been systematically taking control over the natural resources in Syria to increase its control of the oil rich nation. Amidst the fight against the corona virus, two Syrian officials of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) along with the autonomous administration have declared Turkey’s …

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Coronavirus lockdown could fuel terrorist radicalization


Coronavirus lockdowns could radicalize more terror suspects, the EU’s police agency “Europol” warned ON June 23rd. Europol director Catherine De Bolle said as she unveiled the organisation’s latest terrorism trends report that the pandemic’s worldwide economic and social impacts could escalate existing discontent.“Activists both on the extreme left and right …

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Lebanon Jams Food Aid Route For Syrian Refugees


The United Nations has refuted any claims to withdrawing support or winding up operations in Lebanon. It has termed discussions over social media about UN asking its employees to ready their passports are speculative as well. Strangely, and for the first time since 2011, two World Food Programme (WFP) trucks …

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Dangerous migrant pushbacks in the Mediterranean


The UN voiced alarm at reports that nations are failing to aid migrants in distress on the Mediterranean Sea, preventing assistance by NGOs and ordering pushbacks of their boats. Limitations against humanitarians who rescue migrant vessels in the central Mediterranean are putting lives at risk and must be lifted immediately, …

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Taliban reject truce in Ramadan


A spokesman for the line movement affirms that differences with the Afghan government continue about the peace process and that the delay in the exchange of prisoners is one of the reasons for thecontinued fighting between Afghan government and Taliban. The Taliban rejected the Afghan government’s call for a ceasefire …

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How An Ultra-Orthodox Settlement Is Consciously Fighting The Pandemic

How An Ultra-Orthodox Settlement Is Consciously Fighting The Pandemic

Betar Illit in West Bank seemed to have been prepared for the pandemic, something completely unheard of in these orthodox settlements on the West Bank. Unlike other ultra-Orthodox, or Haredi, communities, the authorities in Betar Ilit showed flexibility and the residents’ demonstrated discipline not seen in other ultra-Orthodox locales. Utensil …

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