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Pro Islamic Militants In Somalia Eye Ethiopia

The extremist and militants functioning in Somalia are now done with this African country. Having consumed the nation’s economy with strife and war, they are now eyeing other virgin potential Muslim populated African countries around Somalia. A recent video clip released by militants in Islamic State militants in Somalia reveals …

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In Mogadishu, Somalia arrests 4 al-Shabab militants


Somali defense forces apprehended four al-Shabab militants in an operation conducted last week in the capital, Mogadishu, officials claimed. Zakia Hussein Ahmed, deputy police commander, claimed the arrests were made in an offensive conducted in two different districts in the capital. “Our forces detained on May 1 two militants who …

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In Kenya, Somalia’s Al Shabab Attacks

somalia armed

Somali armed group al Shabaab stated to have made an attack on a police station near Mandera, a town close to Kenyan border along Somalia. The attack triggered heavy fighting between Al Shabaab and then Kenyan police forces as heavy weaponries could be heard through Mandera town. The al Qaeda …

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