Syrian President threatens Military Clash with US and Calls on Trump

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had retorted to US President Trump’s Comment of calling him an animal. Assad had stated that military conflict with US would be inevitable if the US forces did not leave Syria. He was adamant to recover the territory which had been deployed by the US forces. He stated that he would get back his territory by force or by negotiations with allies.

Assad is supported by the countries of Iran and Russia. The war had claimed the lives of half million people, had turned five million people into refugees and had uprooted six million people. Assad had been successful in recovering a major portion of the territory but there were certain portions of land which were still beyond his control. At the borders with Turkey, Jordan and Iraq some territories were still beyond the control of the Syrian President.

Large portions of the east and North were out of control because the US Special Forces had been stationed in those regions to fight against the Islamic State. Assad stated that the country was ready to open new doors for negotiations with the SDF. The SDF comprised the Kurdish YPPG which had avoided war with Damascus in the conflict. Assad stated that they would not be applying force at the onset. He also stated that if they did not have any other option left, then they would have to acquire those territories by force.

President Assad was adamant that the Americans had to leave at any cost. He mentioned that the Americans had come to Iraq without any legal basis and they had met with a bad end. He claimed that Iran and Syria were no exceptions because the people were not ready to accept foreigners any longer.


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