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Syrian Civil War Is Efficiently Over, Claims Israel

Claims have been made by Israel that the long running civil war of Syria has successfully ended and it is also predicted that Golan Heights frontier between the two countries will become quieter in the upcoming months. President of Syria has sought to restore the central rule which is effective in many of the southwestern areas of the country, specially the focus have been given on the Golan Heights which is the area of political and also strategic significance for both Jerusalem and Damascus. In this way it is thought by the nations that the president Bashar Assad will get his controlling power yet again.

According to the defense minister of Israel, the situation will be returning to how it was previously before the outrage of the civil war of Syria. It means that there is a real address and there is someone who is responsible for the central rule. Assad regained his control for the frontier with the Golan Heights which have been occupied by the Israelis till now for the first time in almost about 7 years. This came in a moment after the declaration of Israel that they have shot down a warplane which was the possession of Syria.  It also claimed that it had break through a Golan buffer zone and it also warned the forces of Iran for backing the president against deploying there.

Israel had seized the Golan Heights frontier initially in the closing stages of the Six day war which happened in the year 1967. Later it also annexed another area in a move which was not recognized by the international borders. The Syria war has drastically changed the scenario over the past seven years. It has also rapidly modified the situation for the battle which is simply between those who are against and for the president of Syria, Bashar Assad.

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