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Syria: workers unearth 300 bodies from mass grave

In Syria’s Raqqa workers have unearthed 313 bodies from a mass grave found a month ago close to the northern city.

Reported by a local official. The bodies found in the area are of civilians, including women and kids, people are believed to be shot dead by Daesh militants stated by Yasser Al-Khamees who leads a group of first responders.

The mass grave found in mid-June on the southern edges of Raqqa.

The city was the existing capital of the Daesh’s Islamic caliphate, which spread over territories in Syria and Iraq.

Many different mass graves have recently seen in and around Raqqa.

According to the Syrian regime, a gas plant which was sabotaged by militants is reopened on Monday after repair.

“The Ebla gas plant started functioning in full capacity” on Monday evening. The Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources said in an announcement.

The Badiya desert pipeline where Daesh is available transports gas from the system controlled Shaer gas field, the nation’s most significant, in the focal territory of Homs to the Ebla plant.

The Badiya desert is a frequent conflicts area between system regime and Daesh.

It holds the capacity to strike in spite of losing all the territory it once owned in Syria.

The nation’s eight-year war has seen the regime to suffer and lose control of key oil fields and caused the state hydrocarbon incomes to plunge by billions of dollars.

By Grace Young

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