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Syria says the air defense is blocking bullets from Israel

Syrian state television said Friday that Syrian air defense systems are targeting and taking down bullets from “occupied territories” as a reference to Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Syrian Arab news agency, Israel’s Golan Heights, West Damascus fired fire missiles against Quneitra said that the source of a Syrian military source. A series of missiles were seized.

The state television channel showed the shooting of the night sky with a point and shooting shot in a light. He did not report any losses or material damage immediately.

Damascus residents said that a few loud voices were heard shortly before the television newsletter reporting the incident.

The Syrian Human Rights Observatory, a UK-based observer of the Syrian opposition, reported three explosions in southern and southwestern Damascus. According to the report, the targeted regions have the presence of the Iranian army and Hezbollah.

The strikes followed a statement by the Guardian on Thursday night, followed by a statement by a diplomatic source last week that a convoy of Iranian missiles through Iraq’s Anbar province was sent to Syria. The source said that Israeli and US intelligence have no knowledge of the transfer.

In April, Syrian state news reported that Israel was standing close to Hama province in Syria and that some of its rockets were lowered by the Syrian air defense. This came just one month after the assassination of seven Iranian-backed members of the armed forces during the Israeli airstrikes on ammunition depots near Aleppo International Airport.

Iran’s increasing influence in Syria, where it has undergone economic and commercial agreements, increased the likelihood of a military encounter with the main enemy Israel.

Israel, Iran’s biggest threat, Israel, according to media reports, including Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Allied militias, including the Hezbollah, repeatedly attacked the targets, he said. Although Israel has confirmed the attack on Iranian targets in Syria in January and February, it rarely approved or rejected the reports.

Friday’s event came amid tension between the US and Iran following four oil tankers in the Gulf and attacks on a massive campaign of sanctions.

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