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Syria builds a new ventilator to help combat the coronavirus

Syria Is Developing Own Ventilators To Tackle The Corona Virus Spread

If the government can’t do it, then the youth of the nation does- it creates the defense it has to create to save its own from contracting the deadly coronavirus that has claimed more than 2.79 million lives worldwide.

In the last rebel stronghold of Syria, young engineers have put their energies together to create a homegrown ventilator and testing machine. The prototype is ready. The group of 20 some technicians and electricians are readying the northwestern side of Syria. Most of Syria has been devastated in the nine-year-long civil war and does not have access to proper medical facilities like dispensaries, clinics, or hospitals.

Their prototype has been approved at a hospital it went for testing to. Local doctors are willing to make use of it. Now, these young inventors hope to get funding or equipment from aid agencies in the northwest and across the border in Turkey to produce hundreds of the breathing machines – critical to keeping COVID-19 patients alive.

Like most nations ravaged by longstanding war-like conditions, Syria has the major problem of cramped up refugee camps, low levels of nutrition and immunity amongst children and women, scarce clean drinking water, low to nil sanitization, and minimal medical facilities. The virus has only now started to show a spread into the Middle Eastern countries, with most of the west already infected and under lockdown conditions. But in the case of Syria, social distancing and lockdown are next to impossible.

While a truce brokered by Russia and Turkey did bring about some amount of peace in March, the nation is desperately trying to ready itself to fight an invisible enemy, the Covid-19 disease.

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