Syria and Foreign Powers Meet At Kazakhstan for the Discussion of Syrian War

Many of the negotiators from across the countries of Russia, Iran, and Turkey have gathered around Astana the capital of Kazakhstan to discuss the progress of the political settlement which is to be done in Syria. For the purpose of having the discussion diplomatic tension has already started across various regions.

For the first time the three foreign powers are most profoundly involved in the seven years war which took place in Syria and the talks are going on this topic as well between the leaders of the countries. The foreign powers who are meeting for the third time, had last met during the time when Israel and Iran became entangled in a fight because of the military strikes that happened cross borders of both the countries.

It is for the first time that a meeting is going to happen which will be involving the three sides since the time the Donald Trump, President of US announced that Washington have declined from the nuclear deal of Iran which occurred earlier this month. The current situation is becoming worse and it I heading towards a more complicated picture since the announcement from US.

A spokesperson from the foreign ministry of Kazakhstan confirmed that representative of the three foreign powers or the power brokers have already arrived at Astana, the capital city and the talks will be done behind closed doors. A rebel delegation is also expected to arrive on the same day as of the foreign powers which is before the plenary session that concludes the meeting. Along with these persons, it is expected that the UN envoy on Syria will also arrive at the same time.

The primary focus of the talks will be about the Iran nuclear deal of which Washington have walked out earlier. This is triggering the international condemnation broadly and the fears are increasing that conflicts would start afresh in the region.


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