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Swedish Citizen Detained at Gatwick Airport for Suspected Terror Attempts

UK Police had detained a Swedish national at London’s Gatwick Airport, suspected of terrorist activity. She was suspected of having committed a terror offense. She was soon arrested after arriving in Britain from Italy.

She was apparently in violation of Terrorism Act 2000, which prevents any preparation towards committing acts of terrorism.

The Terrorism Act 2000 is the first of a number of general TerrorismActs passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It superseded and repealed the Prevention of Terrorism Act 1989 and the Northern Ireland Act 1996. It also replaced parts of the Criminal Justice Act 1998.

Britain has set its official international terrorism threat level at “severe,” meaning an attack is judged by intelligence analysts to be highly likely.

With the kind of tension building at Gibraltar recently, over the Royal Marines impounding a possibly Iranian oil tanker, Tehran is extremely angry with Britain and responded by summoning Britain’s ambassador to its foreign ministry to explain what it described as an “illegal seizure”, which had been earlier described by the UK as enforcing the EU’s sanctions regime against Syria.

Britain has been caught between the US and Iran’s cross firing, like most of the western world countries as of now. But it remains committed to preventing acts of terrorism and faction groups to find its base and peaceful activity in its territories.

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