Sweden Has Charged Three Central Asian Males for Plotting Terrorist Crimes

Sweden has charged three central Asian males for plotting a terrorist crime. The government also charged the men along with three others for funding the Islamic State militant group.

As per the Swedish government, those three Central Asian men acquired and stored a huge amount of dangerous chemicals. In a statement, the Stockholm prosecutor’s office said that, if their plan succeeded, Sweden could have been gravely harmed. The arrested men were from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

As per the latest report, five of the arrested men are still in custody while the sixth man was let go, pending trial. All the accused has denied any wrongdoing.

The lawyer for one of the arrested individual, Thomas Olson, has said that his client bought the chemical to sell them. He, however, was unable to do that. This is why he had a large amount of chemical in his possession. He also said that the version of his clients can be verified by all the outsiders that his client had dealt with.

In 2017, RakhmatAkilov, an asylum seeker from Uzbekistan killed five Swedish people with a hijacked truck. During the trial, he stated that he wanted to punish the country for the role it played against the Islamic state.

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