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Surge in Student Protest in Dhaka over Safer Streets

Again, thousands of angry young people took to the streets of Bangladesh’s capital on Sunday over the demand for safer streets. While demonstrating on the streets, protestors faced attacks from pro-government activists. The pro-government activists attacked the protestors with clubs; whereas the police fired tear gas at the student protestors.

Protests have erupted repeatedly in Dhaka; since two students got killed by speeding buses last week. The pro-government activists, who are also members of a political youth league, carried out attacks on journalists. At least 5 journalists were attacked, which included an Associated Press photographer. The photographer who faced a head injury was needed to be hospitalized. Footage of the attack went viral on social media. The footage showed that the photographer being surrounded and beaten in the city’s Dhanmondi neighborhood by  a dozen of men.

It has been a severe embarrassment of the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, just ahead of the general election which is slated to be held in December. While her party is placing the blaming the opposition party, led by Khaleda Zia. It is being stated that Mrs. Zia is using the student anger for creating chaos and using the issue for political gains

The roads of Dhaka are best known for logjam and chaos. Sights of unregistered vehicles, unlicensed drivers, and speeding buses are very common. Added to that is the absence of traffic enforcement.

The political feud among the two parties is a common thing within Bangladesh’s politics. While Zia’s party provided support to the demonstrators; however, Sheikh Hasina also reached out to the protestors and vowed to look into road safety measures.

An official car carrying the US ambassador to Bangladesh was attacked by a group of armed men.

The demonstrating students stopped thousands of vehicles, which included vehicles of top officials. The protestors checked whether the cars were registered and the driver was having a license.

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