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Sudan New Government May Not Bring Long Lasting Balance

The deal is finally done. Sudan is going to have a truce. Reports are confirmed that Sudan’s military rulers and leaders of a protest movement are going to share their chance to run the country.

However, political analysts are not very hopeful of peace being restored that easily. The truce has been brought about by many nations stepping in to ensure the war ends. However, the African Union and Ethiopia are the main protagonists.

The current agreement has taken almost three months to come to light, the time it has taken the nation to recover from the 29 years long rule of Omar Al Bashir. Whether the public was happy in his reign or not, is a matter of debate. Since then, many civilians have lost their lives, lost access to media sources, social media, internet, women subjugated and much more. All in all, the desire for a properly represented government has not left the civilians.

According to the new arrangement, Sudan will now work towards the acivilian-led government of technocrats and a sovereign council that will operate as a collective presidency, with five members each from the protest movement and the military. An 11th member will be a civilian selected jointly by the two sides.

As a part of the agreement, an independent and transparent investigation will be conducted regarding all violent incidents starting from April 11 when the military removed Al Bashir. Severe crimes denying human rights had been committed over this time.

What is most questionable is whether the military representation within this collective presidency can co-operate in running a successful government, until formal elections are done in 2022, where the elected government would be solely civilian-led. There are many reasons for such doubts. For one, the country has only learned the rule of the gun and autocratic functioning. Generals have rule over 63 years since 1956. For the other, Al Bashir crippled the economy and development of the nation in his personal interest. The country is now going to need huge foreign funds which are expected to come from Arab countries.

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