Sticking up for the Arab Coalition in Yemen is the Ideal Thing to Do says Mattis

The administration of Trump reviewed the support of US for the coalition of Arab in Yemen and have decided that it is the right thing to do says Jim Mattis, the US Defense Secretary at the Pentagon briefing.
As a matter of fact, they have reviewed the support for the Arab Coalition as they came into office and they have determined that this is the right thing to do for supporting them in defense of their own countries. This will also help in restoring the rightful government there.
Mattis has also said that the aim of US in Yemen to maintain an absolute minimum human cost and this is where they engage with a coalition.
In general, in Yemen, they stay out of the war themselves and they are focused on defending al-Qaeda and ISIS in
Arabian Peninsula which is where they conduct the operations. He has pointed out that the US plans to get the Yemen issue to the UN-brokered table as soon as possible.


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