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STC representatives in Saudi Arabia for Saudi-sponsored talks with the government of Yemen

A group of representatives from Yemen’s Southern Transitional council along with the head, Aidarous Al Zubaidireached Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah last evening for holding discussions with the government of Yemen.

STC spokesperson, NyzarHaiytham stated, “ Our dignitary led by the head of the council, Aidarous Al Zubaidi along with four members have come to Jeddah as reaction to the brotherly Sauti-Emirati invitation extended to us in order to mark our presence in the Saudi-backed talks to put out a message that we are positive and ready to seriously involve in the talks.”

However he added that it was uncertain about the same on the government’s part, “ It is unclear if the government is ready to take part or will it continue its stubborn behavior,” he said.

He clarified that at the moment priority for the members of STC was to react positively to the offer of talks extended by the delegation in Saudi Arabia and the UAE and back this effort by them with responsibility.

Last month, the secessionist movement, the STC had sent a group of representatives to Jeddah to engage in talks but the government of Yemen refused to meet or hold talks with them providing a condition that STC must pull out of military bases and state-run institutions in Aden.

UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign affairs, Dr. Anwar Gargash on Sunday declared that intramural unity along with regular talks between the government of Yemen and STC were necessary to counter and confront hurdles of Houthi insurgents.

UAE along with Saudi Arabia had called for reunion talks in August asking the government and STC to come over to Jeddah for dialogue so that a strong united front is taken further to confront Houthi militants.

This invitation was extended following the fight that broke out in Adenamong pro-government forces and the ones that back the STC.

The STC forces had taken over the control of military bases and the place of the government of Yemen.

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