South Korea Tries Hard to Prevent War Between US and North Korea

The South Korean President Moon-Jae and his allies are trying their level best to act as mediators between the United States and North Korea. Mon had also expressed his confidence that the meeting between Kim and Trump would be happening soon.

Kim Hong-gul, a political ally of Moon’s and the son of former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung had stated  that he was confident that the meeting would take place between the two leaders. He is considered to be one of the few politicians from South Korea who had met Kim before the Panmunjom Summit which had taken place in the previous month. He is also known to possess direct communication with important North Korean leaders.

Hong-gul had stated that both Kim and Trump were unwilling to break the deal because neither of them had the courage to do it. He claims that both the leaders were bluffing in order to save themselves from international attention and pressure. The language which was used by Trump in his letter to Kim was quite alarming. Trump had stated that North Korea stated about the nuclear capabilities but the nuclear capacity of United States was so massive that North Korea should wish that it is never used.

The meeting was originally scheduled to take place on 12th June, in Singapore. If the meeting gets cancelled without any kind of agreement or commitment then there are high chances of a war between the two nations. Even though the White House administration officials had stated that they would make sure that such a conflict does not turn into a wider one, it is not difficult to predict the outcome. If North Korea and US start a war, then the 25 million residents of South Korea who reside near Seoul would be under threat.


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