South Korea Aims For Peace Deal with North Korea

Only a few months ago, the Korean peninsula was teetering on the brink of open war. However, the last few months have seen massive changes in the political climate of the region. Now, officials in South Korea are actually planning a peace treaty which can finally close the chapter on the Korean War. Officially, the Korean War is unfinished.

The rapid rapprochement has certainly raised alarms that South Korea is moving too fast in trying to secure a deal without getting proper concessions from the North Korean dictatorship. Analysts also believe that the diplomatic activities suggest that South Korea has already managed to secure a broad framework of a deal before a meeting between the two Korean leaders. The President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in is scheduled to meet with Kim Jong un, the supreme leader of North Korea, on the 27th of April, 2018.

A successful meeting between the two Korean leaders is seen as a vital step for a future meeting between Kim Jong un and Donald Trump, president of the United States.

Trump is hoping that the meeting can result in the abandonment of nuclear weapons, advanced ballistic missiles and nuclear program by North Korea.

President Moon is certainly trying his best to ensure a strong foundation for that meeting. The Chief of Staff for the South Korean President has stated that Kim has planned to officially announce his readiness to abandon his nuclear weapons during the summit.

According to top officials, the goal of this meeting will be to sign the peace treaty to bring about an official end to the military deadlock in the Korean peninsula.


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