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In Somalia, US Air Raid Kills 16 Al Shabaab

Somali armed forces claim US military has carried out deadly airstrikes focusing on Al Shabaab near major rebel stronghold south of Somalia.

Radio Risaala, quoting a military official, who asked to be anonymous, reported 16 al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab fighters were killed in a double air strike carried out near Jilib town, a major rebel-held town.

He states the first strike targeted a vehicle carrying group’s chief of Intelligence Unit in charge of Mogadishu, Kahlid Aboukar Hassan while the second raid killed 16 other militants.

The U.S. military carried out dozens of air strikes against Al Shabaab in this year, while two of those raids also killed four Islamist State militants in the north of Somalia.

There was no quick comment from Al Shabaab over the says.

Al-Shabab, an al-Qaeda-linked group, has been fighting for longer than ten years in Somalia.

The group really wants to overthrow the weak UN-backed government in Somalia and then enforce its own strict interpretation of Islamic law.

It consists of lost control of numerous towns and cities to a 22,000-strong African Union force supporting the government.

However, the group still has a strong presence in several rural places.

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