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Somalia is not going towards the right path , says senator

GAROWE, Puntland – Ex- Puntland State President has shed light on the most important challenges for Somalia’s future, both in terms of politically and security, Garowe Online reports. Abdirahman Mohamed Farole, who is presently a member of the Upper House of the Federal Parliament declared Thursday that the Horn of Africa country is not moving to the proper direction by its leaders.

As Somalia on the way to recovery after above two decades of bloody conflict, it is facing issues, including disagreement on the constitution reviewing system, resource sharing and restructuring the army.

Conversing with the local media in Garowe, Farole pointed the finger of the blame at Somalia’s Federal Government of Somalia in Mogadishu, saying it is fueling the repeated conflicts with the Federal states.

He accused the Government of rejecting inclusive constitutional review process after blocking the representatives from the regional states in the Constitutional Assessment and Implementation Commission. It is focused that the constitutional review practice will probably lead to a permanent constitution of Somalia, to replace the existing provisional constitution which was implemented in 2012.

Amid disagreement between the Federal Member States and Mogadishu, the new constitution is expected to get prepared in 2019 before the country holds the planned ‘one-person, one-vote election’ in 2020. The dispute in the constitutional evaluation process still exists due to the absence of the members representing the Federal States in the committee tasked with the planning of the charter,” said Farole.

Farole made the allegations because Senators elected from Puntland arrived in Garowe on Thursday from Mogadishu for a discussion over the existing situation in Somalia with government and the people.

Political Turbulence Still Threatens Somalia’s ‘Positive Trajectory’, ex- UN’s Special envoy Nicholas Haysom warned while Briefing to Security Council last January before he was discharged from Mogadishu.

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