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Somalia Does Not Intent To Give In Maritime Control With Kenya

As if trying to maintain a secure base of growth for its youth isn’t enough to keep it busy, Somalia has been fighting over marine control with Kenya. With no intention of coming to a truce, Somalia is said to have filed a case against Kenya at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) recently.

The court case has resulted in an unfortunate series of events where both nations are fighting over possession of a certain portion of the maritime boundary that they are claiming. With both claiming a portion in the Indian ocean, the disputed piece kind of creates a narrow 100,000-sq km triangle at sea with Somalia on one side and Kenya on the other.

It is confirmed that this piece is known to be rich in oil and gas deposits. Kenya and Somalia have in the past few months have been arguing over this piece of land at sea. Currently, Aden Duale and John Mbadi have jointly tabled a motion in Parliament seeking to compel the government to “explore other lawful and constitutional mechanisms for protecting the territory of the Republic of Kenya.

AdenBareDualeis the Majority Leader of the National Assembly of Kenya under the Jubilee Party while Mbadi John Ng’ongo is a Kenyan politician who belongs to the Orange Democratic Movement.

There may be a chance that the Kenyan government now pushes for the deployment of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) in order to maintain the sovereignty of its marine borders.

Somalia is also struggling to contain insurgents that have shown unwanted persistence and cannot be fought alone. Fighting for control might not be in it’s best favour right now. On its part, The ICJ tt The Hague is set to convene on September 9, 2019, to listen to testimony by both parties in their maritime delimitation dispute.

In all probability, Kenya will look for an out of court settlement, due to its retracting from an initial MoU it signed with Somalia back in 2009 whose terms it did not live up to, according to Somaliland claims, which then moved to ICJ for support before Kenya could do any more damage.

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