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Sisi affirms Egypt’s rejection of any foreign interference in Libya

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said during a meeting with Libyan Parliament Speaker Aqila Salih in Cairo Thursday that Egypt appreciates and supports the will of the Libyan people, which must be respected.

According to the official spokesman of the Egyptian presidency, Ambassador Bassam Radi, Sisi expressed his confidence in “the ability of the Libyan people to overcome the great challenge it faces in rebuilding a strong modern state capable of establishing security and stability throughout Libya.”The Spokesman stated that Saleh briefed Sisi on the latest developments on the Libyan arena, expressing his appreciation for “the Egyptian role which is very important in the efforts to establish peace and stability in Libya, in light of the fraternal and historical relations that bind the two countries, Egypt’s efforts to combat terrorism and extremist groups and militias in Libya, in an effort to create the necessary atmosphere to reach political solutions and implement the constitutional entitlements, to meet the aspirations of the Libyan people towards a safe and dignified life.

The spokesman added that Sisi stressed the important pivotal role of the Libyan parliament and other Libyan national institutions to uphold Libya’s supreme interest and preserve its national unity, Necessary to help the Libyans settle the crisis in their country.

Al-Sisi pointed to Egypt’s high priority to restore stability to Libya and enable it to regain its regional and international role. He stressed Egypt’s firm stance towards supporting the Libyan National Army in its campaign to eliminate terrorist elements and organizations, respect Libya’s sovereignty and preserve its territorial integrity, External interference in Libyan internal affairs.

In a related context, the head of the Libyan parliament, in an interview with the press in Cairo, on Wednesday, said that there can be peace talks before controlling the capital.”The process of liberating Tripoli is not an easy military operation. The capital is home to more than two million Libyans and these armed terrorist groups that the LNA is fighting, are besieging people and buildings,” Aqila Saleh said.

He said that the Libyan National Army refrained from using heavy weapons to reduce damage to property and human lives.

Egyptian president Rejected any proposal to withdraw the Libyan national army or agree to a cease-fire, and said: «The military operation must be resolved, the political solution must, in any case, come after the liberation of the Libyan capital»

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