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South Korean fighter jets on a training exercise.

Seoul: Russian Fighter Planes Violates South Korean Air Defense Identification Zone, Twice

South Korean fighter planes discharged 360 rounds of caution shots after a Russian military aircraft violated SouthKorea’s airspace, Seoul officials stated to the international media.

Three Russian military planes – an A-50 airborne and two Tu-95 aircraft entered South Korea’s air defense barrier zone off its east coast before the A-50 entered the nation’s provincial sky, the defense service said. South Korean fighter planes flew to the zone and shot ten flares and 80 rounds from assault rifles as warning shots, a ministry official stated, mentioning anonymity because of government rules.

As reported in international media Russian fighter planes left the zone yet returned and violated the South Korean airspace again later on Tuesday, the authority said. He stated that South Korean jets backfired ten flares and 280 automatic rifles as warning shots.

The Russian plane did not return fire, the administration said. This was the first time that a Russian military aircraft defined south Korean airspace, as indicated by South Korean authorities.

Russia’s defense service denied its planes had defiled SouthKorean airspace and blamed South Korean jets for making risky moves that undermined its flying machine, the RIA news office revealed.

The former Soviet Union upheld North Korea and gave the nation weapons in the 1950-53 Korean war. In 1983, Soviet aviation fighter planes fired aerial rockets at a South Korean passenger aircraft that strayed into A soviet region, slaughtering around 269 people onboard in operation.

Relations among Seoul and Moscow steadily improved, and they set up political ties in 1990, a year before the separation of the Soviet Union. The three Russian fighter planes which entered the South Korean air defense zone were using two Chinese aircraft. However, it is not known whether the two nations intentionally did this, as per the South Korean officials.

Before their encounter with Russian planes, the Chinese fighter planes entered South Korea’s air defense zone off its south-west coast prior on Tuesday, as indicated by the South Korean authority. Chinese planes have also often entered the region as of late.

They wish to ask Russian and Chinese embassy officials to register a legal complaint. South Korea’s defense officials said.

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