Security Chief Warns That Chemical Weapon Attack Would Be On Rise

Security Minister, Ben Wallace along with Britain’s top counter terrorism officer, Neil Basu issued an uncanny warning about possible terror attacks in the near future. According to the security officials, the terror attacks would be made by the use of chemical or biological weapons.
During the Dods National Security Summit in Westminister, Mr Wallace stated that the only limit to the desire of the opponents is their imagination. He added that the terrorists are finding out new ways through which they can make people an easy target in the streets. As a result, they are foreseeing the advancement of biological and chemical weapons. He further stated that the terrorists are working hard to make their weapon arsenal very strong by developing it. For this reason, they need to be thoroughly prepared.
Last year, Britain faced five terror attacks that killed 36 people. Most of the barbarity was carried out by Islamist revolutionaries. However, even after 17 other similar terror plots being foiled, the national threat level still remains high.
Neil Basu, who headed the counter-terrorism team on many occasions, briefed that the ammunition that were once used on the battlefield, would now be used for the domestic soil. He and Mr. Wallace feel that any risks need to be addressed immediately. For this, they should have the right kind of equipment to deal with.
British security services fear are alarmed with the fact that the extremists who went to fight for ISIS would gain immense knowledge from the battlefields of Syria and Iraq. Among 900 Britons who went to fight in Iraq and Syria, some are missing and 150 are dead.
Mr. Basu reverberated the warning that in the event of failing to reach a deal, can hamper their fight against terrorism. On the other hand, Mr Wallace stated that the recent failures can taunt at the spies of Moscow; however, the strong espionage services which Moscow used to hold shouldn’t be undermined.


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