Schoolgirls Kidnapped by Boko Haram, Returned

On Wednesday, early in the morning many schoolgirls who belonged to the Nigerian Community of Dapchi were returned and dropped off, by the militants of the Boko Haram.The girls were kidnapped a month ago, because they denied the warning give by the Boko Haram group. The warning stated, the girls should never attend school.

The parents whose girls got kidnapped were more than happy to get them back safely. But a suspicion tempered that relief that many girls got killed in the hands of the militants. One of the girls is still being held by the militants of Boko Haram.A resident of Dapchi, Jauro Usman who is closely related to one of the parents whose girl got kidnapped said the parents are elated as they have got their girls backs.

A big propaganda takeover might wind up for the Boko Harams for they have returned the girls to their parents. But the villagers are very angry on the way, the Nigerian officials have handled the capture of the girls. Some of the residents also questioned that, why a rescue operation was not launched by the military.

At first, the federal government remained silent on this matter but latter the regional officers with inaccuracy said the parents that their daughter have been rescued. The news are not true as a result the parents rioted against the officials as their hopes were broken with false promises.

On Wednesday, the government wanted the girls to travel to Abuja to debrief to the officials of security. The parents wanted their daughters to stay at home. The military officials of America said that, thy believe that the Boko Harams are responsible for kidnapping the girls who were backed by the Islamic State. The girl who is still held back is a Christian. The another girls who were kidnapped along with her said that, she refused to change her religion to Islam.


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