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Qatar-UAE compete to host the 2030 Asian Games

Saudi Arabia-Qatar Choose To Fight Out Hosting Rights Of Asian Games 2030 Amidst COVID-19 Scare

Amidst the world fighting for survival and pooling in resources to find a vaccine to fight the deadly coronavirus, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are fighting it out to get the right to host the 2020 Asian Games.

It seems the only two cities standing the bidding wars are Doha and Riyadh as the entry deadline comes to a close. Qatar is already said to have won the hosting rights of the World FIFA through various PR and financial kickbacks. It does not share a good rapport with the Kingdom and a couple of other neighbors that have already imposed a trade and transport sanction on Qatar due to its alleged support to terror groups and terrorism funding activities.

According to sources, the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) is going to pick the Asian Game host by November 29. There are chances that the favor will tilt to the Kingdom owing to the fact that Qatar has already hosted the event once in 2006 and Saudi Arabia is looking forward to adding this accolade to its cap.

Amidst the pandemic spread that demands social distancing, the sports world has gone on complete lockdown and under activity. With the bids coming in, OCA feels reassured “we are on the right track and stability seems to be returning to the sports world,” added OCA President Shiekh Ahmad al-Fahad-al-Sabah.

The next Asian Games edition would be hosted by China in 2022 and then in 2026 in Japan.

Ironically the OCA President is facing trial in a forgery case and yet continues to hold the post as a Kuwaiti citizen. Whether the bidding will be a fair call, only time will tell, again, owing to the fact that the man in power has proven that he does not have a sterling record to show his decision should be non-biased, fair, and honest.

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