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Sanctions on Iraqi militants with Iran ties by US Republicans

There are plans by Republican US senators for the introduction of legislation for counteracting the step that they see  as the increasing influence of Iran in Iraq. There are concerns about attacks on Iraq by the groups which are considered to be Iranian proxies.

The bill, the text of which might impose sanctions related to terrorism on the militias controlled by Iran. It would require the US Secretary of State for publishing and maintaining a list of groups which are armed and who receive assistance from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps also known as IRGC.

Senators David Perdue, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are the sponsors of the “Iranian Proxies Terrorist Sanctions Act”. A similar bill which is backed by the Republican Representative Ted Poe has been introduced in the House of Representatives.

Three mortar shells were bombed inside the tightly fortified Green Zone in Baghdad. It was caused after midnight and it was the first similar attack in many years in the area housing the parliament, government buildings and other foreign embassies.

The United States on Tuesday issued warning that it would act swiftly and in a decisive manner against any attacks carried out by its allies in Iraq. It caused the injury to Americans and damaged US facilities.

Reuters had reported in the previous month that ballistic missiles were given given to Shiite Muslim proxy groups by Iran in Iraq and they were also developing their capability of building more over there. This development would possibly exacerbate the tensions which are there between Tehran and Washington which have already been heightened by President Donald Trump.

Trump had withdrawn from the international nuclear deal which was agreed upon in 2015 with Iran and also ordered for the reimposition of the Us sanctions which were halted under the deal for stalling the nuclear capabilities of Tehran.

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