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Salafi Preacher Is All In Favour of Global Armed Islamist Revolution

It has been reported that a Salafi preacher Dr. Tariq Abdul Haleem, 70 years of age have been known to advocate terror attacks through justified acts of suicide bombings. He is all for global armed Islamist revolution and cannot make up his mind whether he would want to side with the Al-Qaeda or Daesh. A Cairo born, he continues to propagate hate-related terrorism activity from Canada, exploiting the right to free speech.

Surprisingly, this old fellow commands a huge following on social media who is clearly ‘betting on a global armed Islamist revolution.

He also calls for individual jihadist attacks and offers religious justification for suicide bombing.’

Some belief him to have connections with the Muslim Brotherhood and deny that he is a Salafi at all. While there is no clear indication of his connections, there are several instances to quote that show his linkage to extremist point of view leading to terror crime. In the past, he has been known to declared liberals and secularists “infidels” and wished for them to be killed. He wanted this to happen in hopes of accelerating a violent clash between Islamists and secularists and liberals. He has been a proponent of war and arm rebel. His work was published by jihadist fugitive Hani al-Sibai who is wanted in Egypt.

It is therefore no surprise that Hani al-Sibaiwrotean article defending Tariq Abdul Haleem from criticism.

Tariq Abdul Haleem issued a joint statement with Hani al-Siba’i onISISin 2014. His favour lies with all those who are fighting in the name of Islam, irrespective of which country they belong to.

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