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Sadr opposes Iraq being a party to the US-Iran conflict

Anti-Iranian Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr called on all Iraqis to take to the streets in mass demonstrations across the country Friday to show the United States refuses to join the Iranian conflict. He made a statement that included Iraq as an enemy in the war.

Since 2003, Iraq has been a battleground for the great powers in the region, especially in the US and Iran. Iraqi leaders believe the country, especially Iran, will be the first conflict zone between the two countries in the event of war. In Iraq, he controls the armed factions that can target US interests at any moment.

Sadr, controlling millions of followers and one of the biggest Shiite factions, kept him and his warriors away from the Iranians for years. He criticized them several times because of the obvious interference with their relationship with Iraq and the search for control of the country through its armed weapons.

Despite Sadr’s hostile stance towards Iran, he continues to regard the United States as the first “enemy” in Iraq and blamed them for killing thousands of followers of the United States since its inception in Iraq in 2003.

In his speeches, he expressed his attitude towards the Americans and directing them to his followers.

I don’t support the war between Iran and the United States, and it’s included Iraq in this war and it makes it a field of war (I don’t support any situation), Sad Sadr said.

“We need a serious pause to keep Iraq out of this brutal war that will burn everything.”

In recent years, Iran has established, trained and equipped dozens of Shiite, Sunni, Christian, and Yazidi factions.

All American interests are among the rockets of these fractions.

The limitation and control of these groups are one of the biggest challenges faced by Iraqi leaders.

A rocket thrown by unknown gunmen on Sunday, targeting the Green Zone, the richest region in Baghdad, including most of the government buildings and embassies, including the US Embassy, shamed the Iraqi government and intensified the fears of the Iraqi factions.

It could trigger a war between Iran and the United States.

Sadr urged Iraqis to participate in mass demonstrations on Friday evening in all provinces except in the holy city of Najaf.

Sadr said, we have to raise the voice of the Iraqi people condemning the war if this war breaks out, it will be the end of Iraq.

Any party that includes Iraq in the war and engaged in a war zone (for Iran and the United States) will be the enemy of the Iraqi people, Irak he said.

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